Learn Vietnamese Tones is an language-learning android application that helps Vietnamese learners get the tones right. Tones are indeed an essential aspect of the Vietnamese language, that  is often overlooked by language-learning resources. As tones often challenge learners whose native language isn’t tonal, we created this application to help you learn how to distinguish tones. Check it on the PlayStore !

Learn Quenya Elvish Language is an android application helping Tolkien enthusiasts in their quest to learn Quenya. Quenya is one of the fictional elvish languages created by Tolkien. It is spoken by several characters in his works The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. This application will help you learn the basics of the language – key sentences and vocabulary. Check it on the PlayStore !

Read Lao Alphabet is an android application that teaches Lao learners how to read the Lao Script. You will learn to recognize consonants, vowels, and words through short quizzes. The application is available on the PlayStore, and additional features (such as a guide explaining how the Lao Script works) will be upcoming soon. Happy Learning!

Trivia Quiz Game ⋄ Harry Potter Books

PotterQuiz is an android triva game with extremely challenging questions on the Harry Potter book series. It was developed with a Firebase Database, enabling players to create an account, choose their house, and compete against each other. It was created for Harry Potter enthusiasts who find most available triva games too easy, and are looking for spicier quizzes.

Website Development

This website is an example of a basic website I have created. I am working on other website projects right now. They will soon be on display on this portfolio. Stay tuned!

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